Teachers and Delfites TOP OF THE WORLD in Maths
December, 2017
Invitation to Participate in Scholastic Writing Awards 2018
December, 2017

Young Innovotors @DLFPS receive State Level Recognition

The ongoing culture of research and innovation at DLF Public School got acknowledged with the Delfites being awarded for their exemplary innovations at Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose Innovative Display Contest 2017 organised by the Council of Science & Technology, Uttar Pradesh on Nov 30, 2017. The day has been declared as a�?Child Innovatora��s Daya�� by Govt. of UP. In senior category, the most outstanding innovation of the day a�?The a�?Independent Dependent Self-Sufficient Automated Hospital Beda�� designed by Ira Patole and Kanish Chugh under the mentorship of Ms. Archana Baghel bagged the meritorious first prize of Rupees Fifty Thousand and the project a�?Community Underground Storagea�� designed by Aditya Daga under the guidance of Ms. Mita Sarkar won the third prize of Rupees Fifteen Thousand. In junior category, a�?Smart Street Lighta�� project designed by Astha Garg under the mentorship of Dr. Kalpana Joshi was awarded the third prize of Rupees Ten Thousand.

The state level competition a�?First Innovative Display Contest programa�� was held in Lucknow on Nov 29-30, 2017. The event witnessed an exhibition of selected novel innovations of 69 schools across the state. The contest was gauged on the parameters of innovation, feasibility, utility, novelty and overall impact on the masses. Cutting-edge innovations were showcased at the event. These awards were initiated through an open entry process where students submitted their innovative ideas.

While congratulating the winners, Principal Seema Jerath commented a�?These innovations are the outcomes of collaborative mindsets and efforts, bolstered by competitive spirits that fuel novel innovations. These awards come as an affirmation of the culture of research and innovation that we have been able to sustain; an actualization of the environment of a�?Thinking critically and creativelya��.A�These awards truly recognize and reward the potential to revolutionize everyday living and enable students to take their ideas to the next level.

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