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July, 2017
Workshop on Indian Heritage:Lesser Known Facts by Mr. A.K.Khanna
July, 2017

Workshop on Inclusive Education and Models by Dr. Rajiv Nandy


The School organised a workshop for all its Educators on Inclusive Education and its Models on July 1, 2017. The focus of the workshop was that it’s important and always better to have all the children learning together regardless of their background (gender, ability etc). The workshop helped educators learn the better way of responding to the needs of children who have learning problems and behavior issues. Respect and understanding grows when children with diverse abilities play, learn and socialize together. It also helps in developing the inclusive society when education is more inclusive.The workshop was conducted by Dr. Rajiv Nandy of Shristi Learning Center.During the workshop, the participants learned how to assess the children with learning problem, behavior modification, different ways to help children with learning problem.
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