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October, 2017
Quiz on Healthy & Unhealthy Food(ISA Project), KG Lotus
October, 2017

Virtue is not promoted by Law, but by the Habits of Life, Class Presentation, I Lotus & Pansy

Kindness. Honesty. Service. Virtues are the essence of our character and when we keep the practice of virtues at the heart of everyday life, we live with purpose.

This September Lotuses’ and Pansies’ of Grade I taught everyone around the value of having good habits of life by their though provoking performance ‘Virtue is not promoted by Law, but by the Habits of Life. Through their performance they narrated a story of a king who was self-engrossed in his proud and ego. The king was proud of his power and one day when he went for hunting, he realized that modesty, kindness and being humble are the values which keeps one alive forever. He realized that it is the good deeds which makes or break a character. Through their meaningful performance the Delfites shared how Virtues need to be cultivated to become more prevalent and habitual in daily life. With the habit of being more virtuous, we take the helm of our own life, redirecting its course towards greater fulfillment, peace and joy. The practice of virtues allows us to develop our potential, and live a more purposeful, better life; a life not ordinary but extraordinary. It was indeed a very meaningful presentation which gave meaning to everyone’s’ life!

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