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March, 2018
DLPS/CIR/2017-18/35 B – Recognition Day(March 17, 2017)
March, 2018

DLPS/CIR/2017-18/35 A – Recognition Day(March 16, 2017)



                                                                                                                                                                                        March 14, 2018

Dear Parent,

It is that time of the year again, the much awaited Recognition Day, 2018 is round the corner. Our 800 dazzling Delfites are all set to transport you to the land of deserts, where Alibaba the hero of our show, who with his good deeds and virtues will steal your hearts, right, left and through. A good old lesson, let us all relearn as ‘Alibaba Returnsss…With Twists and Turns‘.

Come and cheer us and be our guest, at the spectacular fest in our own Darbari Lal Auditorium on Friday, March 16, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. onwards. Please block the date to witness your child performing on the stage.

The following information will help to ensure smooth functioning of the programme:

  • Do make sure that your ward remains present during practice sessions up to March 15,
  • On the final day, DeLFites will dress up in their respective costumes as per their item and come to school. The costumes must be returned to the Mother Teacher on the same day to avoid penalty. Therefore, parents are requested to send a changeover dress (labeled) for their
  • We advise you to label all your ward’s belongings (jackets, shoes, water bottles, etc.) to avoid any misplacement during collective
  • There will be a run through on March 15, 2018 during regular school
  • Parents are requested to send their children with dry tiffin, water bottle and a napkin on the day of the final performance. A snack will be provided by the school to all the nutri-meal subscribers.
  • Important :
    • For Classes I III
      • Delfites to reach school at 2:00 pm. Buses will pick up children from their respective bus stops approximately 6 hours later than the regular morning time.
    • For Classes Pre Nursery, Nursery and KG 
      • Delfites to reach school at 3:00 pm. Buses will pick up children from their respective bus stops approximately 6 hours later than the regular morning time.
  • After the function, parents are requested to collect their children from their respective
  • No child will be expected to leave the premises till the function gets over. In order to avoid congestion on staircases parents are requested to follow the following routes during
Exit for ParentsRoute
P-Nur and NurseryCorridor near G-1 staircase
Class IG-1 staircase
Class KGCorridor near G-2
Class IIG-3 staircase
Class IIIG-1 & G- 2 staircase

Watch Recognition Day LIVE at School Facebook Page from 4:00 p.m. onwards on March 16, 2018. Kindly abstain from carrying your camera to the function. Photographs of the function can be downloaded from our school website on March 28, 2018.

P.S.:- Invitation Card for only two members follows. Don’t forget to carry the same for entry to the event.

Looking forward to celebrating our DeLFites together with you.


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