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April, 2018
Hands-on History Session on Islamic Traditions & Practices
May, 2018

Ties with Kashmir Strengthens During a Domestic Exchange Program

DLF Public school hosted a group of 12 students from DPS, Srinagar in the first ever domestic exchange program from Apr 3 to Apr 11, 2018. The focus of the program aimed at connecting lives and developing intercultural bonding among students to foster and promote peace education. The program was in true sense the meeting of hearts and minds.

The experience exposed students of J & K to various activities, ranging from attending the school assembly and classroom sessions to having healthy discussions on Indian mythology and religion, while also participating in student social responsibility programs of the school. They were impressed by the way the school focuses on overall development of each child. Visiting students shared how this program has put their illusions and cultural distortions at rest. They watched a movie for the first time in their life and that too in the late night hours. They were amazed by this fearless experience. While they exchanged notes on the best practices of both the schools, they took back home a learning that teaches to accept and adapt, each other while living and working together.
Executive Director, Dr. Mrignaini shared how such domestic programs would connect young Indians in Jammu and Kashmir and other states of India and serve as a medium to unite us.
Principal, Seema Jerath stressed how the bond of amity could help minimise differences existing among the people.
National Director, AFS Intercultural Programs India, Divya Arora expressed her gratitude towards the school for always eagerly hosting these programs and their long-association with the school. She further shared that AFS India is successfully running this exchange program in 15 countries simultaneously across the world to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of The Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange Program (YES).
a�?The program helped students to understand themselves and people around them and this is something no book can teacha��, as shared by Ms. Anuradha Singh, a host parent.
This program not only promoted commonality and identified shared experiences but also truly lived to the motto of a�?from many to onea��.

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