Connecting Kids to Books, Scholastic Book Exhibition
October, 2017
Russian Salad Making, ISA Activity for Kindergartners’
October, 2017

Teaching Kids Life Skills: Being a Good Friend!

Have you struggled with teaching kids about friendships? Making friends (and keeping them) are important life skills to have. We at DLF value life skills the most and more than anything else we want each of our Delfites to be good human being and value humans. We know the importance of friendship at an early age and understand that the only way to have a friend is to be a friend. This September while our Delfites engaged in various activities at Fun Zone, ‘Know Your Friend’ activity was conducted for them. Each of them was blindfolded and then asked to identify their friends by touching them and listening to their voices. Having good friends makes you happy. Being a good friend is not a skill that kids just pick up from hanging out with other children on the playground. Developing friendships takes a lot of work (both by parents and kids), but can be one of the most rewarding things to happen in a child’s life.

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