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Teachers of DLF Public School Participate in National Workshop of Utsahi Physics Teachers 2016(NWUPT) at Kanpur

The enthusiastic team of teachers at DLF Public School fathom yet another interesting resource of sharing and gaining knowledge. Two teachers Ms. Ashwathi K N & Ms. Suruchi Aggarwal recently attended a 6-day Physics Workshop from May 22, 2016 to May 27, 2016 at IIT Kanpur, specifically organized for Physics teachers.

The National Workshop Of Utsahi Physics Teachers -2016 (NWUPT) is a nationwide workshop for Physics teachers which encourages to teach Physics with related activities while allowing students to think, analyze and understand the concepts.  As often compared against each other – theoretical and practical teaching in all probability are closely linked and the same was enforced by the mentors.

The workshop commenced on May 22, 2016 and was inaugurated by Dr. H.C. Verma,  Prof.  Indranil MannaDirector, IIT Kanpur; Mr. Ravindra Dhar – Scientist, Material Sciences, University of  Allahabad and Dr. B.N. Das – Retd. Professor, Presidency College, Calcutta.  Post the traditional lamp lighting ceremony, an inaugural song was presented by the children of Shiksha Sopan Ashram. The dignitaries present there addressed the gathering. 40 teachers from across the country were participating in this prestigious and enriching workshop. Teachers were escorted to the Shiksha Sopan Ashram which was under construction while usefully utilizing the available resources such as use of solar energy, rain water harvesting system, cultivating organic food and more.

All participating teachers shared their specific experiments, projects, activities and questions. Dr. Das demonstrated a number of experiments followed by a challenging quiz. Framing of logical or realistic questions, mathematical reasoning and thinking out of the box were some skills that were tapped discreetly within the program.

A typical schedule of each day followed a pattern of performing experiments, discussions, puzzles, quiz and an influx of knowledge from the sessions conducted by the eminent speakers. Each day was interestingly moulded with a hint of cultural flavour with meaningful performances by the children of Shiksha Sopan.

May 27, 2016 being the last day of the workshop was undoubtedly the most memorable day of the entire workshop. After a refreshing early morning walk in the IIT campus, a visit to Anveshika, Indira Nagar was arranged. Students of SGM International School had displayed simple science models to explain the concepts of Physics. Models such as simple kaleidoscope, light experiments with mirrors, lenses, prism, beats apparatus, barometer, telescope, experiment showing a possibility of 3 poles in a magnet, current in a circular loop, step up-step down transformer, convection boxes, experiments to verify parallelogram laws, vector addition are just a few to name. A feeling of admiration enveloped all the teachers while they witnessed the zeal and enthusiasm of the students as they explained their experiments.

The closing ceremony was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Sharma, who introduced the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) and Anveshika – an initiative of IAPT. Brief information on the functioning of IAPT and the process to become a life-time member was also shared. The day culminated with Team Anveshika from Delhi dedicating a poem created by all members to Prof. Verma.

The workshop opened up many avenues of further research on teaching methods, many questions, and a lot of ways to make science – a fun learning experience!

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