Annual Grand Parentsa�� Day Celebration
December, 2017
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December, 2017

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Dear Parent,

Our schools biggest thinking event a�?THINKROOM DAYa�� is back with a bang! We at DLF are committed to awaken the extraordinary human potential in every child in her/his early years of schooling. It gives us immense pride and pleasure in inviting you to our Student Led Conference A�A�by Delfites of Grade I to VI, wherein you can see your childa��s little mind at work. It is an opportunity for you as a parent to be an active participant of your childa��s journey from being a learner to an explorer through this conference session.

Come, join hands with us and celebrate this special potential of your childa��s thinking ability, making it habitual, thus enabling to discover their unique inner genius. Watch your Little Thinker in Action!


Saturday December 23, 2017


A�A�8:45 a.m. (Roll No. 1 to 16) A�A�A�A�A�A�A�10:30 a.m. (Roll No. 17 onwards)

Kindly note the following for smooth functioning of the event:

  1. Reporting time for each Delfite is 08:10 a.m. Buses will ply as usual in the
  2. Parents are requested to pick up their wards at 11:30 a.m. from their respective classrooms. BUSES WILL NOT PLY ON THE RETURN A�ROUTE.
  3. Students must come to school in proper school uniform and carry lunch box and water bottle with them.

We solicit your presence as per the above mentioned time slots for our THINKROOM DAY to be effective and for us to collaborate with our Little Thinkers in the learning process through the Student Led Conference.


  • Experience the outcome of being a a�?Thinking Schoola��: Watch out for Scientific Researches of our Young Innovators at Delfania Zone (Green Area near Gate No. 2).
  • Free walk-in discussion: Understand your child’s learning style. Be sure of early learning pattern. Talk to experts for earlyA�development analysis.

Use the link to getA�scores of Development.

Meet the experts for interpretation of scores and home programme to boost the overall development of your child. Venue– G2 Corridor,A�near Dining Area.

  • Display of Student Work on the theme a�?Mathematics in Architecturea�� by Delfites of Grade VIII to celebrate the Birth Anniversary of S Ramanujan, Venue: – School Assembly Hall.
  • Exhibition being put by Grade XI Delfites of School Enterprise Club a�?Money Planta�� near the Dining Area.
  • Book Exhibition within the school premises that strives to bring new launches and interesting books to your doorstep.
  • Enjoy the Sumptuous Delights at Food Stalls near the School Lawn (Jr. Wing).


  • Medical Check-up: Bone Mineral DensityA�(BMD) [KG Daisy]
  • Happy Feet: Drills and March Past [Skating Rink]
  • Musical Chair and Sing Along for Grandparents [Skating Rink]
  • Story Session by Nani/Dadi

May thisA�ChristmasA�end the presentA�yearA�on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year!

Look forward to welcome you.


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