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September, 2017
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September, 2017

‘Strength of Teamwork, Presentation by Lilies and Roses, Grade II

Teamwork is an important ​and vital element of society, but very few of us understand​ the meaning of ‘Teamwork’. Delfites of Grade II Rose and Lily taught everyone present how important it is to work together to achieve more! More than 200 Delfites witnessed a heartwarming and heart touching performance ‘Teamwork makes the Dreamwork’. Through their presentation the Delfites sensitized everyone towards the importance of ‘WE’ in our lives!They presented a short skit which depicted how everyone was cursing the unpleasant weather and the system for a traffic jam caused due to a log on the road as they were not able to reach their destination on time. But instead of doing the same, a young boy came forward and with his courage he tried removing the log. His courage encouraged all others to help him and together they removed the log!The young learner also shared how through their teamwork our Delfites were able to transform ‘Ekta Park’, into a beautiful park from a heap of garbage and today this park in vicinity lives its name! The thought provoking performance not only sensitized everyone towards Teamwork but also forced everyone to think how they can make a difference to the society with their collaborative efforts. It is high time each one of us should come out of our comfort zone and do our bit to make this world a better place to live!

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