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July, 2018
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July, 2018

Second Two-Day Residential Anapana Residential Meditation Camp Organised for Delfites

Continuing the trend of taking enterprising initiatives for its learners, DLF Public School once again organised a two-day Anapana Residential Meditation Camp in the school campus from July 14 to July 15, 2018 by Vipassana Sadhna Sanstha for students of class VI and VII. The school is first in the region where meditation is promoted in this way and the students too have shown great interest in this new activity. Not only has this, over 2000 students of the school meditate for 10 minutes twice every day. The meditation course was conducted under the able guidance of Mr. Apoorva Lochan, an expert in the field and his dhama teachers.

The meditation sessions were combined with interactive discussion, creative activities, value-based skits and quiet games in smaller groups which kept over 70 participating young learners aged between 12-14 years completely engaged.

Mr. Apoorva Lochan, Vipassana Instructor emphasised that by developing self-awareness through observation of the breath learners can learn to look inside themselves and get in touch with their own needs. The ability to live in the present with a balanced mind fosters a positive attitude and outlook. Through their own direct experience children learn a simple, straightforward and logical message that by not harming others through their mental, vocal and physical actions, they actually help themselves and those around themselves.

‘The meditation course was definitely a very positive step towards self-betterment. As adults we have also learned a lot and I already feel the changes in me to tackle life with a proactive approach and this can only improve with regular meditation. It also brought peace of mind and I am happy that it is an ongoing part of the school curriculum.’, as shared by Ms. Rohini Vashisht, an enthusiastic parent.

‘Through meditation the young learn different approach – a way of looking inside to resolve their problems. With the compass of meditation in their hands, they find a path that leads to their own happiness and happiness of others.’ expressed Ms. Sapna Singh, teacher mentor, DLF Public School.

Aarush Goyal, a students of class VII, says that meditation is the best way to get peace of mind and enables one to bear the burden of modern studies. ‘Meditation brings all students closer and helps to understand each other in a better way’, he adds.

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