Inter Class Science Month Activity – "Be a Pedalogist", Grade VIII
July, 2017
The Ten Fun – Grouping in Ten!
July, 2017

Science Month Activity – Healing With Dealing , Grade VI

Welcome Back!  Tuesday Friday, July 25 was a day full of excitement for Grade VI as they presented their reports on “Healing with Dealing“.  Assembly hall was packed up with 200+ Delfites. 
Health is a function not only of medical care but is the result of socio-economic, educational, consumption and behavioral factors. Therefore, to raise the health status and quality of life, a focused approach integrating all these socio-economic aspects needs to emerge to bring about the overall transformation of the attitude of society towards lifestyle diseases.Healthy Life Style is a key to Healthy and stress free life and that is what delfites shared to make everyone aware of common disorders that are caused due to the lifestyle people live. They surveyed people in their community and then prepared a report on Life Style disorders. Each Section was amazing and extremely confident while presenting their Survey Report. The participants stressed that the only  solution to Life Style Disorders is “Dealing” i.e Dealing is Healing! Pranjali Gupta, Bhoomi Nehra, Soumya Garg, Nainika Singh, Ananya Sharma, Mridul Krishna Mishra and Shreshth Sharma of Grade VI F were the winners of the Day!
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