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September, 2017
DLPS/CIR/2017-18/07 – PTM for Classes IV & V
September, 2017

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Dear Parents,

This letter comes to you as a mindful response to the recent spate of disturbing incidents that have shocked us all. All of us who are responsible for children cannot but be concerned! Please know that we at DLF Public School take the safety of our children very seriously. We are concerned about these developments and understand you may have apprehensions and questions regarding the same. Many parents who volunteer and support the school actively would know that we’ve been consistently working towards a safe school environment not just in terms of Physical Safety, but also Emotional Safety and Cyber Safety.

Human resources form a large segment of the school space. The school invests hugely on creating a feeling of ownership, a sense of responsibility and on sensitizing all the members of Team DLF be it the Students, Teachers, Admin, or Support staff. Regular sensitization programme for all of us is a norm here. Some of these programmes are being conducted by our own parents.

We write to put all your apprehensions at rest and for you to know that your child continues to be the Centre of the Universe in our child centric school. There are procedures we follow every day to make sure we know who is on our campus at all times and to eliminate any threats to our school community.

Few of the measures that are already in place are:-

  • Movement of all visitors is recorded and maintained in the designated registers at the school gates. This visitor movement is restricted upto school reception
  • Visitors are not allowed to carry large bags inside the premises However if unavoidable, all bags, backpacks and large purses are checked at the entrance. Prohibited items are not allowed inside the
  • The entire campus is monitored by CCTV cameras right from the gate and includes the entry to the
  • All vantage points are manned by teachers during peak times i.e. Morning, Entry, Intervals and Dispersal. This allows for quicker response time in the event of an emergency.
  • Students of classes VI – XII are not permitted to use the Junior wing toilet for any reason whatsoever. Kindly reinforce the same rule in your ward as
  • Separate toilets have been designated for the Support and Non Teaching
  • Female staff is present in all Girls’ washrooms and in the Boys’ washrooms when the male staff is cleaning, children are not allowed
  • All drivers and conductors are employed after careful vetting of their credentials and references. Copies of each one’s Driving License and Aadhar Card have been submitted to the Transport The Police Verification of entire Support Staff is being pushed.
  • Parents are requested to also ensure the process of Police verification of the antecedents of the Drivers & Helpers of the Private Vans and Rickshaws engaged by them. Do submit the same at the school reception at your earliest and not later than September 30,
  • We have a 24‐Hour Security Department that works in security patrol, security dispatch, and as Campus Auxiliary Officers, assisting campus administration in safeguarding students, staff, campus visitors, and
  • The school uses a ‘Risk Assessment Framework’ for self-evaluation. Additionally, we now plan to have an unbiased outside agency conduct an objective Risk Assessment of our school
  • School has a robust system in place whereby key administrators are informed of an emergency situation. In turn, parents and other stakeholders can be informed within mere moments through the use of School Messenger, Snap App and other forms of social
  • We have created a process of sensitizing each Delfite on Safe and Unsafe touch and on

Bully Proofing themselves.

  • We have instilled a culture where older students take care of younger Every class has

Empathy Managers who ensure a sensitive, humane classroom climate.


Some other measures have been implemented with immediate effect:-

  • Entry, Exits of visitors to the school is being monitored more The Entry/Exit would be only from Gate No. 1.
  • Gate No. 2 timings are restricted to morning and dispersal time only.
  • Walker students must not enter the school premises before 7:40 a.m.
  • Security passes for walkers MUST have photographs of the authorized person who is going to pick up the  the child.
  • School reception will not accept any eatables (Water, food, other packets) from from visitors.
  • Students ID-cards are mandatory for entry to the DLF Sports Academy in the mornings and evenings.
  • Gate passes from visitors with request for Students to leave early will not be entertained.
  • Plans are also underway to create ID Cards for Parents.

While we are taking all necessary precautions, we need to accept that a safe school is everyone’s responsibility. The school is updating its Parent Volunteer Pool and invites more parents to contribute actively on a rotation basis by volunteering their time. Parent/Grandparent Volunteers are required for :-

  • Entry Time (7:50 am to 8:10 am)
  • Dispersal Time (12:30pm-12:45 pm and 2:10 pm to 2:30 pm)
  • To conduct sensitization programs for support staff.
  • As Volunteers for bus duty on your specific route.

Interested Parents/Grandparents are requested to send their consent through Snap Sign to the respective Mother Teachers.

When school and parents work together for common cause, great things can happen. We request you as a parent to ensure that your children are empowered to deal with any situation. Talk to your children and teach them about safety.

Please trust that we at DLF Public School are mindful of safety. We are dedicated to maintaining our atmosphere of connectedness with parents because we believe we are better together…

The key to this partnership is open communication. Please feel free to send in your feedback and suggestions at

At our school, our children come first. Thank you for entrusting them to our care.

Seema Jerath


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