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November, 2017
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November, 2017

From a Child in Me…to a Child in you.(Happy Children’s Day!)

Nov 14, 2017 : The school celebrated Children‘s day with zest and fervour. Plethora of activities took place to celebrate the special day.A�Outdoor activities for childrenA�are diminishingA�significantly these days, but playgrounds of DLF were in action today the whole day with the vibrant and unmatched energy of the teachers and innocence of the Delfites.A�Various sports activities were organised during the day. A�Where else can a young, impressionable youth learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability? Teachers and students bonding was celebrated through friendly cricket , basketball and lawn tennis matches .Chairman a��Dr. a��Rakesh Khullar, Executive Director Dr. Mrignaini Khullar, Director Vidhu Khullar and Principal Seema Jerath participated enthusiastically in various sports activities.A�While the senior Delfites rediscovered the joy of play, the young Delfites enjoyed the movie time at their own Darbari Lal Auditorioum watching the movie ‘Good Dinosaurs‘. A�It was a special day for everyonea��.

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