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March, 2017
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March, 2017

Principal Seema Jerath Represents DLF Public School on a Global Platform – 5th Spectrum of Education Conference, Turkey

It was an honour to represent my school and my country at the Educator’s Conference in Istanbul. The opportunity to represent India as a speaker and share my numerous tiny stories about our schooling culture was both insightful and enlightening.’  Principal Seema Jerath stated on the successful participation in the Spectrum of Education 5 Conference held at Istanbul.

April 14-17, 2016 saw 49 educators from 23 countries participate at the Spectrum of Education 5, held at Istanbul, Turkey. This was a major exercise in Inter Cultural Learning titled ‘Schools in the Future, the Future of Schools’ organized by the Turk Kultur Vakfi and the AFS, Turkey. The entire event was hosted by the Isik Okullari School, Istanbul.

The Spectrum of Education 5 was an exchange by the AFS that infused not only Inter Cultural Learning (ICL) but also updated the participants on Global Trends in education vis-a-vis numerous perspectives from different countries. The curiosity and interest in India amongst the audience gave a direction to Principal Seema Jerath’s talk about Education System in India and the Global Trends therein. The audience acknowledged some striking facts about India, such as, the largest number of doctors and engineers in the world come from India or that the average age of India would be 29 years by 2020! The motto of DLF Public School – ‘a school with a soul’ emerged as the most appreciated thought. She spoke about the progressive global trends that are catered to under the schooling system in India while fostering our traditions. DLF Public School found a significant mention as a predominant example of one of the progressive schools of the country where meditation, the culture of thinking, attempts at student entrepreneurship and encouraging innovative researches that stem from a desire to better the lives of other people are some initiatives in tandem with the Global Trends. Post the conference, Ms. Seema Jerath felt that it was heartening to see that these ideas were highly acknowledged and well accepted by the co-participants.

The concept of ‘Home Hosting’ was indeed a warm one and equally great was the experience of being hosted by the school, Isik Okullari. They presented themselves as a great role model with their progressive outlook. Their infrastructure, students, teachers and the event management was outstanding.

‘In addition to the many lifelong relationships made across the globe, I also see a lot of scope for future AFS partnerships and I hope to see the plans come to fruition as we continue to share and exchange our learning with our fellow participants’ stated Ms. Seema Jerath on creating many valuable alliances across the globe.

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