Wall Magazine – II For classes IV to XII
July, 2017
Delfites Proudly Showcased Indian Culture through Music and Dance at XXIII Voru International Folklore Festival ,Estonia 2017
July, 2017

"Nature Enthusiast Delfites Learning differently about Migrating Feathered Friends"- Show and Tell By Grade III

Our Educators always create learning environments that encourage play and exploration of the natural world and even step aside to let a child engage directly with the wonder of nature to guide curriculum.Young children are naturally curious about birds, for observing birds and learning about birds, their habitats, their foods, and their behaviors.

Monday morning, July 17, 2017 was indeed the most exciting morning for our young delfites of Grade III. They were dressed beautifully in attires of various migratory birds like Flamingo, Humming Bird, Arctic Tern. School corridors were bright with these young colourful birds chirping in the premises. Delfites showcased their recently gained knowledge about various birds especially the migratory birds through an exciting Show and Tell.   What was consistent was the excitement, interest, and enthusiasm they revealed when they were encouraged to learn about and observe the birds that have different flying patterns and can be found in their community. It was day where everyone learnt by discovering the entire world of birds and nature through the eyes of these enthusiastic learners!

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