DLF Celebrates Student’s Achievements with ‘Gold Awards’ at a Special Assembly
May, 2018
आरजे नवेद के साथ डीएलएफ पब्लिक स्कूल ने मनाये ‘ माँ के साथ अनमोल पल’
May, 2018

‘Moments With Maa’ With RJ Naved at DLF Public School

Offering a Mothers day tribute to the ‘ultimate agent of transformation’ in this world, DLF Public School hosted a path-breaking mega event with over 1200 mothers and children from Delhi-NCR schools who witnessed an emotional event Moments with Maa’ in association with Smile Foundation, a well-known NGO. The occasion was graced by none other than the popular voice of Delhi, RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi Murga fame. It was an attempt at strengthening the mother-child relationship and was organised exclusively for students of class VI to VIII, as around this age the distance typically starts to show in the mother child relationship. 
A mesmerising discussion by the panel that included renowned psychologist Aruna Broota, leading fashion designer and social activist Varija Bajaj along with the school Principal Ms. Seema Jerath was moderated by Ms. Seema Kumar, Programme Manager, Smile Foundation.
RJ Naved shared his life experiences and said wherever he is today is all due to the sacrifices of his parents. He advised all the children to value their parents as they have definitely seen more life and have more experience. They are the ones who can guide their children in taking major decisions of their life.
Dr. Broota reminiscing her own mother said no matter how old we grow we always feel the need of a mother and her unconditional love. During the discussion, she shared that mothers need to give space to their children and help them in taking their decisions, rather than taking decisions for them.
Executive Director Dr. Mrignaini in her vote of thanks shared that one of the most important relationship we have is the relationship we have with our mother.
Principal Seema Jerath in her address to the audience said that among the various roles that a mother plays, at times she also needs to take tough stand in order to make her child self-dependent. Citing an example of a mother giraffe who prepares her baby giraffe for life by kicking it hard until it learns to stand on its own feet.   
The event concluded with children expressing their emotions and sentiments for their mothers in messages they wrote on cards!
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