Life-skills training at DLPS begins RIGHT From as small a gesture of tying Friendship Band on the new child’s hands he enters the school portals, creating a bond forever, to the day when a child becomes a wholesome individual and leaves the School portal…

Thus, every step in School, every day in School is planned thoughtfully to imbibe all life values in the children through numerous School Schemes and programmes.

Life Skills Integrated in School Curriculum

Life Skills is an integral part of school curriculum. A Special CCE ALIGNED Life-Skills Programme in Association with ViJyoti is being implemented for all classes with these modules

With our specially designed Life-Skills programme in association with VIJYOTI, we aim to enable the young minds to learn how to think and discipline emotions – an area neglected in worldwide education system. We go beyond the confines of narrow learning and aim for the essential learning outcomes for professional success, personal development and responsible citizenship:

  • Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World
  • Intellectual and Practical Skills
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Integrative Learning

The School has developed and integrated various programs into its curriculum which develop students’ Thinking Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skills.

THOTS Lab for Classes Upto III

This is a unique life skills programme for the development of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in Students and thinking processes , the most essential trans-disciplinary life skills.

THOTS is one of the most innovative and futuristic programme. The best part of the programme is that the required skill set is developed through Globally Awarded Physical Thinking Tools.

Inculcating Thinking Skills through AQAD (A Question A Day Programme)

AQAD is one of the unique programme which measures conceptually how well a child has understood the concepts in English, Science and Mathematics and Social Sciences. It aims at developing thinking skills of Delfites enabling them ‘how to think’ as all the questions are HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions and stimulate thought processes of students. One THINKING Question on a subject is given to the students of classes III upwards. The students write their answers on chits of paper and drop it in the AQAD Answer Box.

Celebration of Birthdays with a Cause

Life-Skills are imparted through every little value/good habit the child acquires while his stay in school. Every child makes sure to share sweets and little things like Pencil boxes, Chocolates, toothbrushes, Pichkaaris, Balloons, Notebooks, toys with ‘Apney Bachche under school’s Apney Foundation’ and with those who are not as privileged as they are. They DO NOT FORGET to say ‘THANK YOU’ to GOD for giving all what they have.

Mother Teacher Concept

The very fact that all teachers of our school are the Mother Teachers of their classes, reflects the warm ambience and the values the school the school strives to impart in its students.

Community Development Club

This club is managed and run by Class VIII students. Every Thursday, students go and spend ‘productive’ time in the community. They teach both children and adults, contribute to health promotion activities, and visit the homes of the less privileged.

Opportunities to apply Education to Real World Context

One of the significant life skills of this 21st century world- Students must be able to apply their classroom learning in context to real world. We are implementing numerous programmes to ensure that students get to apply their study skills. One such attempt has been bringing entrepreneurship into education through two projects-

  • DLPS Craft Hut (Run and Managed by Class XII Students of Commerce Stream)
  • Delfoodies (Run and Managed by Students of Home Science Club)

Students themselves administer the two business ventures right from selecting name of the venture, to selecting logo, setting up and running the Production House, Selling and Marketing of their products and maintaining the Balance Sheet to assess economic viability of the projects. Learning Outcomes- Practical and entrepreneurship skills, Team work, Coordination, Inter-Personal Skills, Communication Skills
Encouraging and Appreciating Children for their Unique Qualities

Being a child-centred school at heart, the celebration of Recognition Day symbolizes our belief that ‘Every child is a star and each deserves to twinkle’. Every child is applauded and appreciated on this day for some or the other unique qualities special to him/her. While one learner gets applauded for being creative, the other is clapped for being confident, caring, courageous, cheerful, helpful, obedient and many such priceless life attributes s/he possesses.

Opportunities to learn beyond classrooms

“Take the students out of the four walls of the classroom, and bring the outside world into it” … that has been the constant endeavour at DLPS. Over the past few months, our students across all age groups have been to places as diverse as the Lal Quila, Parliament Museum, National Museum of Natural History, Nehru Planetarium,Railway Museum , Bio-Diversity Park, World of Wonders, India Gate, Gandhi Smriti, Mother Dairy, the Dolls’ Museum and Bal Bhavan. They have witnessed the Change of Guard Ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan. The destinations cover a variety of locations to imbibe culture and architecture, history and technology, environment and administration.

Visits to Social Organizations

Visits to organizations working for social causes like physically challenged, old age people and helpless animals are organized throughout the year to help children understand social issues. Through PRO(Public Relation Officer) Programme

Meditation- Connecting Students to Their Selves- Creating Emotionally Intelligent Environment in School

A very significant life skill imparted to students is Meditation. Students do Meditation twice a day, at the beginning and end of the day. Over 13 years, since we started this practice at DLPS , Sahibabad, we have found that Meditation has helped our children gain…Good behavior, better concentration and healthy peer relation and has made them emotionally more stable and intelligent.

Developing Empathy in Students towards Children with Special Needs

DLPS believes in inclusive education where all learners get equal opportunities to grow despite of the physical/emotional/behavioural challenges. So, the school has initiated the ‘Study Buddy’ Programme, where the Mother Teacher finds a buddy for all the children with special needs in her class. These buddies ensure that their special buddies have no problems pertaining to academics, notebook completion, emotional support and in other areas. Through this programme, the children acquire a very important life skill of empathy and care.

Sessions on Humanizing the Classrooms to Inculcate Life Skills in Teachers and Students

Mrs. Jerath (Principal, DLPS) has been consistently working towards creating warm and happy classrooms where teachers and students are co-learners in the learning process. She has ever been sensitizing her teachers towards imbibing life values themselves through Workshops and sessions and become role models that Delfites can look up to! Be it creating an environment of encouragement, ways to add fun to learning, a focus on positive behavior, encouraging child-centeredness, all the way she has ensured that her happy classrooms are hubs of life skills, values and lifelong learning.

Special Awards Based on the Parameters of Life-Skills

The School awards children NOT ONLY for their special talents, abilities, achievements BUT for the LIFE-VALUES too. Every year the School bestows the three unique awards to inculcate skills that are required to lead a happy and contended life :

  • Mahima Kapoor Most Concerned Delfite of the Year Award
  • Vranda Mehra Harmonious Personality of the Year Award
  • Shri B.K Wadhavan Memorial Award for Innovation and Initiative
  • Life Skills Workshops for Students and Teachers

In order to promote life-skills among students and teachers, workshops on varied associated subjects are organized for teachers to equip them to promote life skills education. Some of the workshops organized during the session are- Life Skills by Dr. Anupam Ahuja, Training Programme organized by EZ Vidya, Life Skills workshop by the renowned clinical Psychologist Aruna Broota, and more.

Opportunities for Peer Learning

Peer learning has been an effective tool in inculcating the significant life skill of team work and coordination. The school’s Science Park has been conceptualized for giving platform for peer learning. Group of junior children understand the concept behind the scientific models from their seniors. Thus, senior children learn to express their knowledge and exert leadership and management skills in the real time environment.

Leadership Series workshops for Class 6th-10th

Apart from the life-skills programme, we organize for our children a series of ‘Leadership Workshops’ to inculcate self-reliance and leadership qualities. These workshops are organized by special experts in the field.

Special Peer Educators Programme—Expressions India since 2006 – Launched by Dr. Jitendra Nagpal

In accordance to the CBSE’s Life-Skills initiatives, students participate in Peer Education Programme launched by Dr. Jitendra Nagpal. Every year since 2006, Peer Educators receive a training programme there to carry forward in the School under the guidance of the School Counselor. These Peer Educators conduct sessions for other adolescents on life skills enhancements particularly on:

  • Managing emotions
  • Managing stress
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • Handling Peer Pressure
  • Opportunity to Create Self Assessment Tools for Students

It is an initiative by the students, a simple ‘ASSESSMENT BOOKLET’ introduced for self-introspection of students. The name given to the scrap book is ‘SIMPLY ME’ and it gives ample opportunity to students to share everything worth sharing and knowing about THEM. Simply Me has been conceptualized, designed and created solely by students. This profile will help children introspect and retrospect their achievements and failures and help them set their targets and goals. It also helps the teachers to assess students’ abilities in co-scholastic domain, as, their behavioral approach, achievements, interests and values.

Books/CDs- a good Medium to teach life values

Stories, Real-life events and different activities in books followed by clear description of concepts are used as motivational tools to inspire children to relate these virtues to real life situations.

At Primary level, not only the books but a set of CDs designed to develop value system in children is introduced. Children watch CDs and learn good things like Helping, Sharing, Punctuality, Sense of Responsibility etc. They also learn to avoid wrong things. It helps them to inculcate values naturally.