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October, 2017
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October, 2017

Learning Beyond Boundaries with a trip to Italy

The best way to learn about the culture and lifestyle of a country is to visit it. A group of 12 students and a facilitator from DLF Public School went on a Student Exchange Programme to Italy. The programme gave them an opportunity to have glimpse of one of the oldest cultures of Europe and interact with students of Leon Alberti School Abano Padova. They were hosted by the Italian families. The exchange programme helped them get acquainted with various aspects of the Italian culture and tradition through group discussions, presentations, sports activities, dance and musical recitals, and a guided tour of Venice, Rome, Florence and Padova City. The city mayor Sergio Giordani invited the students to have a formal tete and was more than pleased with the interaction. He wished that more such cultural exchange programmes should be organized. DLF students were greatly impressed by the virtues of self-discipline and time management of the people and the place. The programme also reinforced the sentiments of learning to adapt to a new surrounding and culture in a warm friendly way and to understand and appreciate the differences between people of different cultures of the world.

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