English Workshop on Delivering a Novel By Ms. Nitika Dutta Gupta
October, 2017
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October, 2017

Leap into Leadership- Workshop for our Educators!

In our experience, school change happens only when educators are allowed to own and drive the change. Educators embody the culture and the purpose of a school and, when properly supported and inspired, will transform schools with their energy and ideas around global learning. The job of the administration is to provide support, resources, and a framing vision — and then let educators drive the bus.

Teaching in the 21st century is not a skill; it’s a mindset shift. Therefore, teacher professional development needs to be long-term and continuous process in order to be effective. An in-service teacher training workshop is great for exposing teachers to new ideas, but true change in the classroom requires longer-term work. Identifying this, a capacity building session was conducted for our educators this September on Leadership. The workshop aimed at enhancing the leadership skills and empowering the leaders to drive their teams with a shared vision, common goal and purpose. The process of how thoughts foster our beliefs, beliefs foster our actions and actions produce the outcome was discussed. It was an introspective session which involved assessing our wrong beliefs pertaining to education, students and team on the whole. This involved analyzing the corrective measures to be taken to uproot the wrong belief and install the right belief so as to achieve the desired result for all. The session was and enriching and empowering session for everyone present!

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