Mathematics in Architecture for class VIII
December, 2017
‘Say No To Bullying’ – Creating a Positive School Culture!
December, 2017

Sensitizing Teachers on Waste Management – ‘Karo Sambhav’

E-Waste Management: Where impossibility is defied!

Days are not far. A critical approach on the environment will be an inseparable part fir the school goers.

With the advancement in technology, e-waste has become the menace for the society. With new cheap devices, society has reaped tremendous benefits. However, the counter side led to the rapidly increasing end-of-life electronics or e-waste. In the wake of increasing e-waste with regular updates in electronics, a workshop ‘Need for appropriate management of e-waste‘ to educate teachers about the hazardous contents of e-wastes that poses great threat to us and our environment was organised in the school. The workshop was conducted by resource person Swati Ganguly, Director , Juana Technologies. During the session, teachers pondered about ways to control e-wastes. The workshop sensitized the teachers about the need to find strategies for controlling the menace of e-waste. Participating teachers pledged to reach the students and help them involve in various activities and projects to implement the strategies to control the hazards of e-waste.

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