It’s Antonym Day!
November, 2017
Tuning their Fine Motor Skills !
November, 2017

A a�?Dining Etiquettea�� a��session was conducted a��in Nov for Delfites of pre-primary classes. a��Tha��e a��session introducea��da�� our students to the finer points of dining etiquette as well as a��made them more knowledgeable of the different dining etiquettea��. a��a��The session intended to heighten students’ awareness and appreciation of basic table manners and dining skills in the context of their daily lives. The goal was to introduce all basic elements: tableware, utensils, use of a napkin, “resting and finished positions” and an entertaining etiquette quiz of dos and don’ts of table manners.Contributions and concerted effort a��of the teachers made the a��session a success!

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