Over 1/3rd Students Scored an Aggregate Score of 90%+ at DLF Public School
May, 2017
When I’ m 64
June, 2017
Living Talent is presenting an exciting opportunity to students/schools to participate in a truly International Talent Hunt.
Message from the Director, Anjali Singh(AFS Alumni): 
“With ample amount of talent and creativity stored away in the nooks and corners around the world, have organised a talent hunt which serves as a platform for showcasing the inner creativity in students. It’s tailor made to encourage students to come together such that we have a cauldron full of the most talented and creative youngsters.”

Objectives of the Contest:

  • Provide a launch pad for students to acclaim their talent on an international platform
  • Enrich individuals with creative intelligence
  • Provide a platform where creative thinking and innovative skills are honed and nurtured
  • Develop and enhance healthy competitive spirit
  • Enhance confidence and help students back their abilities
  • Provide a productive break from regular academics
For further information, please log onto www.livingtalent.org  OR connect with Ms. Anjali Singh at anjali@livingtalent.org

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