Atal Tinkering Marathon: Science Month Activity ‘Sci-Scape’ for Middle Wing Delfites
August, 2017
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August, 2017

Inauguration of Atal Tinkering Lab

It was a  proud moment for Delfites and the school this Friday Aug 4, 2017 as they witnessed the inauguration of of the coveted Atal Tinkering Lab. The lab was inaugurated by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Varshney, Scientist, Department of Science & Technology. He is currently working in the International Division of the Department responsible for facilitating bilateral scientific cooperation of India with select group of countries. The lab will boost scientific innovation at the school.The lab is equipped with ‘Do-it-yourself Kits‘ and all the instruments related to Science along with an Ideation Studio. The main attraction of the lab was a 3-D Printer. 3-D printing is the crusade of technology in recent time. Delfites were elated to watch their first 3-D image of the great Scientist Elbert Einstein getting created in front of their own eyes.
The school is truly making all sincere efforts to create innovators for a skilled India. All students from Class VI-XII will benefit from the lab. This will surely support young talent to shape their curiosity, creativity, adaptive learning and physical computing to understand the basic concept of STEM along with the hands on experiments with the help of various tool and equipment required.
Post Inauguration of the lab an Inter-House Model Making Competition was organised for Junior and Senior Houses. All four houses got an opportunity to showcase their innovative models in front of the guest. More than 100+ Delfites were engaged in the activity. Delfites presented innovative and futuristic models of Anti Sleep Alarm , Autonomous Farming Robot, Water Vending MachineSelf-Sustaining Temblor Endurant Bed, Energy Saver Water Heater, Community Underground Storage  and Bio-Diesel to name a few. All the models were actually a reflection of Delfites attitude of giving it back to the society. The young innovators were confidently handling the queries of the guest and audience. Mr. Varshney not only asked questions but also gave each one inputs on  how to further improvise their innovations. He also encouraged the winners of Inter-Class Science Model Making Competition. The event culminated with the felicitation ceremony for the winners of Inter-House Model Making Competition. While Community Underground Storage, model of Venus House was the winner of Junior Inter House Model Making Competition, Self-Sustaining Temblor Endurant Bed model  of Mars House bagged the first position in the Senior Category. Mercury, Mars & Jupiter house bagged the second, third  and fourth position respectively in the Junior Category while Mercury, Venus and Jupiter bagged second, third  and fourth position in the Senior Category. Mars House was the overall winner of the competition with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury House being in the second, third  and fourth place respectively. It was the most memorable day for every delfite as they take their first step  towards brings everyone closer to the future!
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