Hands On Learning

Hands On Learning

A School where explorers are set free, and inquiring minds fueled to reach out to infinity.

Being part of the experience will unleash the imagination and allow children to make castles in the air, which will help to crystallize and concertize them meaningfully. Activities that will help to discover new lands of ideas and innovations are…

  • Learning through fun and entertaining games like Edu- Tambola, I-Spy, Fire on the Mountain, Alphabet
  • Lotto, Jump into the Pond, Bingo and numerous more.
  • PEC Cards (Physical Education Cards) for conducting Every Child Matters (ECM) Sessions
  • Live the subjects through visits and excursions
  • Concept learning through ‘Edu-Races’.
  • Connect with roles of community and environment through ‘Nature Walk’
  • Peer learning
  • Learning through simulated environment to be part of real life situations
  • Healthy mind in a healthy body- Regular Yoga and Meditation sessions
  • Talent Pursuit Clubs like- Dramatics, Public Speaking, No fire Cookery, Eco-clubs, Backyard Science
    Movie-shows, Puppet shows
  • Trekking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Adventure Camps
  • School Reading Programme with exclusive newspaper reading & analysis time
  • Especially designed language development exercises
  • Individualized Activity Kits
  • One with the earth with ‘Clay Modeling’ sessions’.
  • Social etiquettes through ‘Fine-Dining Classes’.

It is a unique venture of DLPS in association with ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing). AQAD measures how well a student has understood concepts. One Question on either of the subjects is given to the students of classes III – IX. The students write their answers on chits of paper and drop it in the AQAD Answer Box. The Lucky Draw of the correct answers is taken out at the end of the day and one winner from each class is recognized. The Delfites attempting regularly and most appropriately are duly awarded by the school.

Activity-oriented learning is integrally threaded in the DLPS curriculum and the entire learning process is highly exciting, challenging as well as playful. It directs student attention to rich and profound ideas, and ensures grounding in what matters most in each topic and discipline. The teachers have developed various activities /games to be played with/without material to instill better learning. For games with play material, there are over 450 Activity kits in the school, ONE for every FOUR children and children enjoy and learn at the same time. The teachers also use PEC cards to integrate physical development of students with mental growth.

21st century global education through Virtual International Meets has found significant place at DLPS. In the new session, the school has organized multiple Video- Conferencing sessions with students from various countries as Pakistan, Scotland, Lebanon, UK, New York and more, where children have learnt to respect each other’s views while retaining their own stand.

In an attempt to enhance the confidence as well as speaking skills of the students, regular ‘Show-n-Tell’ are organized. Little Kids share anything they like, be it their proud possessions, strengths, or ideas, with the class describing its various attributes.

Special Assemblies : Every Class gets a chance to organize and host Special assembly for ONE Week based on a Theme. Every child of the class participates in the same and children make different kinds of Presentations, NEWS, Quizzes, Thoughts, Plays and show talents.

Annual Day Function : ALL CHILDREN from classes III-XII participate in the Annual Function celebrated at a GRAND SCALE once in TWO years and showcase their talents.

Recognition Day : EVERY CHILD from classes Pre-Nursery to II is recognized for his/her special qualities on this day and presents an extravaganza on a particular theme EVERY YEAR.

Monthly House Functions : Various festivals/events/competitions are organized in the school by the House on Duty which takes complete responsibility of making the function a grand success. Every member of the House is given the opportunity to showcase his/her talent.

Creative Writing : It is a separate subject through which children learn to express their views confidently and beautifully.

Clubs : The school runs 34 Hobby Clubs through which children give vent to their Expressions.

Class-wise Presentations: Weekly class-wise Presentations are held based on the relevant themes. All the children of the class participate in the Presentation which enhances their speaking and Presentation skills and boosts their confidence.

Intra-Class Activities/Competitions : Every class gets a chance to participate in numerous Intra-Class Activities every month in EVERY subject. Learning happens through multiple activities as the Activity-Oriented approach of learning is deeply threaded into the school curriculum.

Inter-Class Activities : Every month at least ONE Inter-Class Competition is held for all the classes III onwards. Different Months are celebrated in the name of English/Science/Hindi/Social Science and Mathematics Month and during the month, all activities are based on the skills and concepts of the particular subject.

Inter-House Activities : There is a House System in the school in which all students are divided into four houses – Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus. Regular Inter-House Competitions are organized for all the four houses. Due care is taken to ensure new children’s participation each time without repeating the same students again.

Inter-School Competitions : Children get a chance to participate in numerous Inter-School Competitions.
International/National/State Level Competitions : The students get diverse opportunities to participate in a number of events at the Inter-School/State/National/International level. They have achieved numerous laurels at the International/National/State Level competitions in all the fields.

Conscious effort is made to ensure that most of the Activities organized in the school involve TEAM WORK. Children are divided into groups of 6 each and made to perform the given task. It enhances the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. Some examples are organization of: Group Assemblies, Wall-Magazines, Plays and other group events.

Smiley Scheme : Like happiness comes in small packages, this small card of honour gives our children a high and an avenue to think beyond and do something outstanding. Children are awarded SMILEYs on the SMILEY CHART in the class for showing small gestures of coordination, sharing, cooperation and more. They are rewarded in exchange of 25 earned smileys with a FEEL PROUD CARD and a gift.

Group on Duty Every Week : The GROUP collectively performs various duties like- Cleaning the class, Maintaining Board, Discipline etc. and thus learns to cooperate.

Goodwill Piggy Bank : A very special scheme of the school- the GOODWILL PIGGY BANK- through which children acknowledge the help received by any classmate/friend by showing gratitude towards the child by writing through the GOODWILL PIGGY BANK and thus it strengthens the spirit of cooperation amongst the children.

Wall-Magazine Competition : Each class is allotted ONE country at the beginning of the session and the students TOGETHER explore that country. They put entire class effort in winning that competition by displaying relevant information on the given theme as beautifully and creatively as they can and display COORDINATION, TEAMWORK and COOPERATION.

Team Games : Children are involved in a number of Team Games to strengthen the team spirit.

Group Leader : Various Group activities organized in the class have ONE Group Leader who manages his/her Group. The Leader is chosen on a rotation basis to provide every child a chance to be a Leader.

Class Representatives : Every class functions through the chosen Class Representatives on Rotation Basis which nurtures in them Leadership qualities at the budding stage.

House-System : There is a House System in the school in which all students are divided into four houses – Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus for Junior as well as Senior Wing. Each house is headed by the House Captain and select teachers. Other office bearers of each house are: House Vice-captain, House Cultural Captain, House Literary Captain and House Sports Captain. These positions are normally filled by senior students of class X to XII. Furthermore there is house representation in each house, normally selected from classes IV to IX. . Each house assumes duties for the period of one month on rotational basis in which Assembly Duties, Recess Duties and Dispersal Duties are performed by the members of that house.

Executive Council : To augment the task of prefectural board members, there is an Exclusive Council comprising 7 positions. All together Executive council and Prefectural Board make DLPS Students’ Guild. Executive Council consists of Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Cultural Captain, Literary Captain and Sports Captain. Members of Executive Council play a crucial role in daily administering of the school beginning from the morning assembly to dispersal time. They help in maintenance of school. Their cooperation helps in harmonious personality development of students and in return their leadership qualities get adequate exposure and enhancement.

PRO (Public Relation Officer) : Every child gets a chance to act as PRO, a special program where in each student gets to manage the School Reception at least one day in a year. Students become Public Relation Officers and interact with and manage all parents, visitors and guests to the school during special events as well as on regular days.

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