‘Being the Change’ at DLFPS – A 100 Delfites participated in the Polythene Free Ghaziabad City Campaign on May 12, 2016.
March, 2017
The Agents of Change – Our Teachers at the Goonj Office for Submission of Relief Material for Drought Affected Areas in India
March, 2017

Gifted New Uniforms to St. Teresa Students Bought with their Own Earnings!

Ecstatic Entrepreneurs of DLF Public School Experience the Joy of Earning and Sharing!

Students at DLF Public School experienced a cherishing moment as they carved their first milestone towards achieving successful entrepreneurship backed with a selfless motive. Students and teachers along with their counterparts from Russia who were on a 15 day long exchange program, visited St Teresa’s Convent School, Ghaziabad where they had adopted 475 unprivileged students under the school’s Annual Theme “Be the change” last year. The Delfites had arduously worked towards mentoring the students on various platforms from teaching them to introducing vocational trainings.

With the beginning of the new session, the eager Delfites revisited the school on 9th April, 2016 to fulfill their promise of gifting new uniforms as wished by the St. Teresa Delfites under the ‘Wish Tree’ campaign during last Christmas. Delfites were warmly welcomed to St. Teresa with a series of events and performances organized by the students there. The gifts held much more value than it seemed as the young minds at DLF Public School had devised their own approach to earn the funds rather than collecting funds through donation. Delfites organized a fete on Children’s Day 2015 which resulted in a huge success and enabled them to achieve the desired targets. Principal Seema Jerath emphasized towards the responsibility of ‘giving back to the society’ that was accomplished in a naive yet constructive manner as the ecstatic young entrepreneurs shared their first earning as a service to the community!

The Executive Director, Dr. Mrignaini while addressing the Teresa Delfites motivated everyone with the thought that “It is not the kindness we show or the help we extend that makes one a great individual, it is in fact one’s own deeds, determination and hard work that creates an extraordinary human being out of us”.

As the Delfites shared their experience they concluded this as a whole new outlook at benevolence, empowerment and being significant members of the society!’

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