Morning Assembly by V C
February, 2018
Delfites of Grade V take Oath to create a clean and Healthy India
February, 2018

Feb 1-Feb 3, 2018:A�Learning is a continuous process. We, at DLF Public School, believe in giving our learners opportunities to experience life beyond the classroom. Excursions provide children with first hand experiences as they observe social systems, collaborate with one another, take on different leadership roles, learn to self-organize and be independent and communicate with one another and people around them in a social environment.A�A�Over 1000 Delfites of classes Nursery to V had unlimited fun during an excursion to the biggest adventureA�park E-O-D, Mayur Vihar.A�They participated in various adventure activities likeA�Bridge crossing, Net Crossing, Net crawl, Jungle House, Archery, Magic ShowA�and many more.A�By blending reality with entertainment, the trip provided an authentic and powerful developmental experience, preparing kids to understand and manage the world.A�A�Catch them in action!

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