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Shopping Obstacle Race for Identifying Fruits and Vegetables, Kindergarten, ISA Activity

Delfites of kindergarten participated in an exciting journey of the senses through the delicious Fruit and Vegetables Fun Obstacle Race. The activity was also a part of their ISA projects. Various hurdles were created in the play area and then the young learners excitedly competed with each other to fetch the vegetables and fruits after hearing their names. The play area was turned into a sensory journey for children with lots of love and passion. They fetched the fruits and vegetables one after another by entering into the mysterious track of hurdles. Each one of them was excited once they cross one hurdle and their joy was visible from their happy faces the moment they reach one step closer to their favourite fruit or vegetable. To recognize a pear or a cucumber on its shape is not at all difficult. But the oddly shaped Ginger created some uncertainty. “It feels strange, hard and uneven,” says 5-year-old Jitika Thapar, “but I don’t know what it is”. “Well, think again, it’s something which is put in almost every vegetable”. The teacher told her.” Yeah, ginger but I don’t use it myself,” Jitika said to her defence. The Fun-filled activity was a great learning experience for everyone as they would remember each and every name and would be able to sustain this learning through their life time.

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