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April, 2018
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April, 2018

FIM Year End Awards makes the First PTM of the Session Special – 2018

Apr 21, 2018:A�TheA�first Formal Induction Programme forA�Classes Pre-Nursery to IIIA�andA� PTMA� forA�A�Classes IV – XII created a connect between parents and teachers and made the day special. FIM Year End Awards CeremonyA� was especially organisedA�to appreciate the outstanding efforts of students and parents of Classes Pre-Nursery to V.A�Where Maths is a dreaded subject for most schools, our learners engage excitedly with online programme -A�FirstA�InA�Math. What is a delight to share is,A�as a collective effort the school continues to remain the No.1 school across India & at Second place Internationally, second to a school in Florida. This year our young learners solvedA� a whoopingA�1 crore 12 lakhs plus problems– an average ofA�10,207A�solved per child.A�On the FIM dashboard DLFPS has the longest wall of fame in the world with the largest number of Champions & Grand Champions in the world. Astounding! WhileA�30 of our Delfites were awarded Most Valuable Player Badges,A�Daksh Kumar, Class II, was felicitatedA�with a commendation certificateA�for solving more than 1 lacs 10 thousand problem and heA�ranks 42 internationally. OutA�of TOP 100A�highest scoring families across India, 13 positions are held by parents of DLF Public.A�

Principal Ms. Seema Jerath added that this self-directed and joyful learning lets the students take ownership and control of their learning processes.A�This is an affirmation of theA�transformational culture of the schoolA�where there is no fear of Math! Delfites dona��t do these sums out of fear or for marks. They do it for the sheer fun of Maths!A�

‘We are glad that ourA�childrenA�haveA�channelizedA�their energy in this fun-learning program and feel veryA�proud of them today as they stand there on the podium receiving award for theirA�efforts, that too in a subject like Math which most of us fear’ – shared few excitedA�parents.

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