Opportunities to learn in Different Situations

“Take the students out of the four walls of the classroom, and bring the outside world into it” … that has been the constant endeavour at DLPS. The students across all age groups have been to places as diverse as the Lal Quila, Parliament Museum, National Museum of Natural History, Nehru Planetarium, Railway Museum , Bio-Diversity Park, World of Wonders, India Gate, Gandhi Smriti, Mother Dairy, the Dolls’ Museum and Bal Bhavan.

They have witnessed the Change of Guard Ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan. And they have also visited virtually every civic feature of the modern metropolis – the Post Office, Fire Station, Police Station, Traffic Training Park, and more!

DLPS organizes various outdoor activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Adventurous Courses in association with various Community Partners like:

  • Karavan Heritage and Nature Society
  • Holiday Moods
  • AAP- Adventurous Activity Promotion
  • Orange Education

The adventurous courses are divided into three phases –

  • Pre-Adventure Phase
  • Adventure Phase
  • Post-Adventure Phase.

During the Pre-Adventure phase, students are made familiar with the various environmental issues pertaining to the place to be visited. Children are shown Presentations on the bio-diversity of the place and the natural resources available. They are motivated to explore about the place through various resources like books and internet. This environmental education prepares them to face the challenges more confidently.

During the Visits, apart from participating in the adventure, students are asked to make notes of their observation of the place including special natural resources of the area. Children learn and write the same.

Post Adventure Phase, students are given Assignments, Worksheets, Tests based on their visit which strengthens their learning and makes it a learning experience. The learning is incorporated with their existing topics in the related subjects and thus Environment Education is rendered in the best possible way.