Evaluation System

The evaluation system is informal, comprehensive, non–comparative and based on continuous observation. It revolves around the perspective that each child is a unique individual with his or her own special qualities, like a flower whose seed has been endowed with specific characteristics that makes it different from every other flower and all comparisons, if any, is to be done with one’s own previous performance. Ever since the school began, the evaluation of students up to class V is done on the basis of observation by means of a detailed checklist on a continuous basis. The key personality areas have been scientifically translated into the key curriculum areas. Extensive checklists have been prepared for each of the key curriculum area.

How it works?

These are filled in by the Mother Teacher on the basis of continuous observation across each of the 3 units. The school reports to parents three times a year through a Personality Development Profile prepared for every child. The existing system smoothly blends into the CCE program by CBSE. The school has completely incorporated the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) into the school system from session 2009-10 for classes Pre-nursery to XII. The CCE is a shift from being Exam Oriented and Marks Centric to an inclusion of the Attitudes, Values, Abilities and Achievements of the learners, reducing stress and giving them an opportunity to build on their strengths.


The school conducts the following assessments during a session (VI-XII):

  1. Formative assessment 1 (FA1)
  2. Formative Assessment 2(FA2)
  3. Summative Assessment 1(SA1)
  4. Formative Assessment 3(FA3)
  5. Formative Assessment 4(FA4)
  6. Summative Assessment 2 (SA2)

Formative Assessment is divided into two parts