अलंकरण समारोह में सम्मानित हुए डी.एल.एफ. के मेधावी
December, 2017
एन.पी.एस.सी. के अंतर्गत आनेवाले स्कूलों के लिए आयोजित किया गया दो दिवसीय अटल फेस्ट
December, 2017

DLF Public School learns German the Native Way.

DLF Public School hosted a teacher intern from Germany Ms. Alexa Hagedorn this October under the Global Exchange Program sponsored by the Goethe Institute, Maxmuller Bhavan and hosted by the school. The programme helped her to have hands-on-experience of teaching German in an Indian school. While she was impressed by art and cultural skills taught in the school, students were also excited at the prospects of learning German the native way. In a heartwarming adieu, a cultural program was hosted for her. Students shared some of the best moments of their association with their German facilitator. As a tribute to the school and students Alexa directed a German song presentation.

In her address, Principal Seema Jerath while applauding Alexa for her brave decision of coming to a totally new environment and accomplishing her objective successfully further added that meet and then part is a way of life, but part and meet should be the hope of life.

Moved by the warm Indian hospitality Alexa shared that all German families should learn how to host guests, from an Indian family. Overwhelmed with emotions Alexa expressed a hope to come back to India soon.

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