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DLF Public School Celebrates Contribution of its Support Staff on Caregivers’ Day

Caregivers’ Day at DLF Public School was celebrated as the ‘Aatmiyata Diwas-Ek Salaam Apke Naam’ on March 30, 2016. The teachers and the young Delfites recognize and acknowledge the efforts and selfless approach of the support staff as a valuable contribution in making all school activities and events a success! Together, they expressed their gratitude towards the contribution of the very special stakeholders in a memorable manner.

180 students along with their teachers planned and ensured to make it a day full of pleasant memories through a series of events. They actively took part in a number of field activities like Cricket, Balloon Race, Musical Chair, Lemon Race and many more fun games. All members enjoyed themselves to the hilt and prizes were given out to the victorious participants.

Director Dr. Mrignaini and Principal Ms. Seema Jerath shared their views on respecting the entity of the support staff through inspirational stories. Ms. Seema Jerath shared how important it is to help enrich the lives of others as she aptly quoted that ‘the value of a life is measured by the number of lives it touches’. They also presented the entire staff with a special token of appreciation for their round the clock services.

It is one of the numerous thoughtful initiatives that the school inculcates in its students – to understand the holistic interconnectedness and correlation in society. And that we are here for and because of other people.

The Caregivers’ Day celebration, over the years has created a striking harmony between our students, teachers and the support staff which in turn makes our processes work like well-oiled machinery!

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