Raggabund’ Winners Go on a Rewarding Sri Lanka Trip
June, 2018
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July, 2018

Delfites Learn in the Lap of Nature at Dharamshala

The school’s avowed philosophy of learning outside the classroom reached new heights as students of Vlasses IX to XI went on a 6-day ‘Kareri Lake Trek’ in Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh.

Apart from earning relief and respite from the searing heat of the Capital city, the 27 Delfites who undertook the trip along with two teachers enjoyed rejuvenation and illumination on several dimensions.

The contingent explored the magnificent natural marvels of Salli Village, trekked through the beautiful green forests of Handi, caught an impressive view of wildlife, forests and wildflowers at the Khauli River valley and finally descended at Macleodganj through a mesmerising circular route traversing the snow zones of Rehla.

‘The trip helped us practise leadership skills, self-reliance and team work,’ shared student Ananya Jaria, Class XI. ‘Every phase of the excursion was a learning experience; right from managing ourselves, taking leads in different activities, to being effective team players. I am really excited about exploring new places with fellow Delfites again.’

‘We enjoyed the climbing, valley crossing and river crossing the most. I was the most eager of all and wanted to reach the height  of Kareri Lake,’ said student Sanchit Jain of Class IX.

‘Each one of us relished the camp activities and bonded closely with Mother Nature. This experience would be the most cherished one in our lives as it again brought home that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to do it!’ expressed teachers Ritu Bansal and Apoorva Gupta enthusiastically.

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