‘Three Little Princess’ Story Session for KG
October, 2017
Hindi Month 2017 – Class VII
November, 2017

Delfites in Action on Climate Change, Video Conference with their Russian Partners

To bring climate change to the classroom to inform and involve learners and teachers, a video conference session was conducted for Delfites of class X, with the Russian students of class IX, Gymnasium 15, Russia and their teacher Elena Gorbikova on 25th of October 2017.

The primary goal of the session was to give students the opportunity to interact with their Russian counterparts to discuss environmental sensitivity. It focused on discussing individual roles of students from both countries as global citizens. A discussion was held on the availability of various renewable resources and their exploitation in both countries. Participants discussed how mitigation can mean using new technologies and renewable energies, making older equipment more energy efficient. It can be as complex as a plan for a new city, or as a simple as improvements to a cook stove design. This interactive Indo- Russian session was effective in determining various alternative sources of energy. The students from both the countries emphasized on the use of rain water harvesting as an effective method of controlling pollution on our planet.

This session brought up different permutative ideas and innovations giving rise to new opportunities for students to contribute in conservation of our planet. Issues like nuclear disarmament were also discussed. The session stressed on the fact that how by switching on to extensive use of renewable resources from over exploitation of non-renewable resources would surely help in mitigating climate change.

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