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March, 2017
March, 2017

Delfite Ishita Srivastava bagged the Silver Medal – Global World Scholar’s Cup 2016

‘Bigger, Better and more Magical’ true to its motto, the 2016 Global World Scholar’s Cup in Thailand saw 3400 scholars from 50 countries forming one global community, competing to reach the Tournament of Champions at Yale University in New Haven.

The World Scholar’s Cup was started in 2007 by the Alpaca-in-Chief Daniel Berdichevsky. The World Scholar’s Cup promotes the feeling of coming together and celebrating culture, talent and intellectual growth.

Delfite Ishita Srivastava bagged the Silver Medal as she participated in the prestigious event. She wrote about ‘Criminals should be given the option to choose a death penalty over a life sentence’. She found a place in the global community as she debated against scholars from China, Australia and the Middle-East and came out as a winner in two out of three debates that were conducted.

Ishita experienced a whole new world while she got the opportunity to participate in many more intriguing activities such as the T-Shirt Challenge, the Percentage Challenge, Climb upon a Tuk-Tuk or ‘Pose as the Hulk’ in front of his statue. One of the most fascinating activities was the Scholar’s Scavenge that took place in one of Bangkok’s largest malls, Central World. 12 scholars from 12 different countries formed teams to explore and collect scavenge points! Dancing to traditional Japanese songs, musical performances, cultural fair and many such events made this event an endearing and a simulating experience for Ishita. She found the opportunity to connect with scholars from China, Israel, UAE, Slovenia, Nairobi, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, and many more.

DLF Public School thrives on the idea of creating more such opportunities for each of its Delfites to become a Global Citizen and keep the Global Connect growing and flourishing!

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