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Cultural Exchange Program with Italy of classes IX – IX

Learning Beyond Boundaries !

The best way to learn about the culture and lifestyle of a country is to visit it. A delegation of 12 Delfites with their teacher coordinator Ms. Swagata Ganguly went for  a Student exchange program from Sept 29, 2017 to Oct 14, 2017 to Italy. This two week  programme intended to give students an opportunity to communicate and cooperate not only with their host families but also with the students of Leon Alberti School Abano Padova.  The programme gave an opportunity to the participants to learn about one of the oldest cultures in Europe.  Italy is known for its great food and friendly welcome. Each area of Italy is like a world unto itself. The exchange program in Italy included activities, outings, and free time to explore Rome with new friends. They observed and learnt each other’s culture and tradition and shared knowledge. All students and teachers received a warm welcome. They experienced the richness of culture and history of the place as they went on a city tour. The beauty of Venice, a place without roads and just canals enthralled them. They enjoyed the Gondola rides, visited the engineering marvel Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, which connects the Doge’s Palace to dungeons and was used to transport prisoners from the courtroom to the prisons. They also visited the host city Pedua which is extremely beautiful and features beautiful architecture, bridges crossing the river, and also the important University of Padua which once played host to the legendary Galileo.The city is rich in history, having been founded in 1183 BC it is old even by Italian standards.  They visited The Basilica of Santa Giustina Church and St. Anthony’s Basilica church which is right in the middle of the historic part of the city and so is worth a visit.

They also visited many churches in Florence which is a beautiful amalgamation of Black and white architecture and is one of the most beautiful city of Europe. Later, they visited the capital city, Rome and Florence and explored other sights the Eternal City Rome has to offer- the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain.

Through this exchange, our students got an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with the Italian students. They got acquainted with various aspects of the Italian culture and tradition through group discussions, presentations, sports activities, dance and musical recitals, and a guided tour of Venice, Rome, Florence and Padova City. They were accompanied by their hosts and teacher coordinators. The homestay programme of our students with Italian families taught them tolerance and discipline, and further developed a sense of mutual respect. It lead to a better understanding of the diversity in culture and appreciation of their own culture and nation. The students and teachers bid farewell to their friends keeping the promise to consolidate the bond of friendship beyond the borders.The programme helped the students to develop mutual understanding and adapt to a different environment, pulling them out of their comfort zone. This Cultural Exchange programme has not only strengthened our relationship with the Italian schools, but has also created a bond between the people of the two nations.

It was a wonderful experience for the students as well as the teacher. The classes they attended exposed to an entirely different way of teaching and learning. The students also learnt to understand and appreciate the differences between people of different cultures and thereby understand the fact that the so called differences are all superficial and that we all belong to just one race …Humanity.

Delfites and Teacher Speaks :-

The most amazing part of the visit was when our Italian Alumni Pietro invited me to his place for a dinner. It was the most heart-touching moment of my life and the most interesting part was that in Italy honey bees are kept as pets in the houses and they feed them also. I was touched by their hospitality.‘ – Swagata Ganguly , Coordinator

The most amazing learning from this trip has been Time Management. Everyone in Italy was very punctual’ – Aarnav Dhadhich,IXA

Students carry less books to school and I was fascinated to see everyone learning their lessons through tabs and presentations during the regular classes. I enjoyed the hot mineral bath very much but missed the spicy Indian food. Also, the most important lesson I learnt during this visit was of how to be individually responsible for bringing the change around you, especially in your own school. Just to give an example most of the time I do not speak when I see children littering in the school premises, but after this visit I am motivated and understand the meaning of responsibility. Hence, next time I see my peers littering, I would definitely speak up.‘ – Rishika Tyagi,XE

I thank my School for giving me such a wonderful exposure. I loved the Venice City and was impressed with their sense of discipline maintained in school as each and every child in the school was self-disciplined‘- Kenisha Jain, XE

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