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October, 2017
Teaching Kids Life Skills: Being a Good Friend!
October, 2017

Connecting Kids to Books, Scholastic Book Exhibition

The more kids read, the better readers they become, and the more successful theyʼll be in school, in work, and in life.


Reading for pleasure inside and outside of school has real and long-lasting benefits. It unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps children discover who they are. This September the school organized a Scholastic Book Exhibition for the Delfites of Primary Classes. It’s a wonderful selection of engaging a­nd affordable books for every reading level.  The young Delfites’ joy and excitement of reading was so evident while they took rounds of the exhibition holding the book of interest in their hands. With the look and feel of a bustling bookstore, this weeklong event featured mobile cases full of affordable books based on characters and subjects kids love and want to read about. From newly released books and best sellers to award-winning titles and perennial favorites, every book is hand-selected by experts and chosen from dozens of other publishers. More importantly, the event provided students, teachers, and parents with access to thousands of affordable books and educational products.

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