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December, 2017
अलंकरण समारोह में सम्मानित हुए डी.एल.एफ. के मेधावी
December, 2017

Competition Redefined @DelFest 2017

DLF Public School celebrated DelFest 2017 – a best practices that is a part of the transformational learning environment for which the school is hailed. The path breaking Inter-School annual event witnessed over 300 enthusiastic participants from 17 schools across Delhi, NCR, Noida and Ghaziabad who enjoyed a plethora of activities, ranging from culinary, sports, theatre, aesthetics to photography. The event aimed at redefining how schools compete with each other.

The activities were unconventional and unique as they elicited collaborative efforts and shared thought processes by participants from different schools while engaging them constructively in developing the four Cs of 21st century a�?Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativitya��.

The Judge appreciators for the occasion were experts from the field of fashion, theatre, music and photography, each one of whom was a person who had converted his passion into profession.

Principal Seema Jerath while addressing the audience said, a�?This collaborative event breaks the myth that competition is necessary for success; winning by making others lose is not the only way, rather winning over yourself and knowing your strengths is what takes one forwarda��. She further expressed, a�?the coming times dona��t need you to beat or defeat each other, it require you to collaborate and cooperate; work together to create a new and better worlda��.

a�?This event has taught me that each one of us is a winner and I am grateful to DLF for changing my perception of winninga��, commented Mr. Happy Ranjit, an NSD graduate and a well-known playwright who was one of the guests at the event.

Every team was awarded for their individual strengths.

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