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November, 2017
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November, 2017

Community Partners, Not Just Helpersa�� a��!

Imagine how our streets would look like without people patiently cleaning it. Imagine the fear and anxiety we would feel without firemen braving houses on fire. Imagine our lives without policemena��. a��Imagine a life without community helpers.Would it be a better place?a�� We bet not.
a��a��Class II Delfites had the chance to get to know different community helpers . The program was aligned to their Social Studies lesson a��in which they learned about different community helpers. This was a great way for them to witness personally a��what they have studied. Learning about community helpers requires students to learn many new vocabulary words! a��Students learna��a�� besta��a�� and understand new words when they are placed into groups or categories.a��a�� Delfites of Class I learnt about community helpers through ‘a��a��Hunt My Partner’ activity. a�� Through the a��activity a��they learnt about various tools, work, uniform associated with the community helpers . a�� Not only this, they also learnt that these helpers are not just community helpers, but our partners in making our community a better place.a�� To show their gratitude to these helpers, they also gave them a ‘Thank You’ card. a��

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