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September, 2017
‘Halt the Fault’ – Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti Celebration, Sept 2017
September, 2017

Class Presentation on Save Paper, Grade V E & V F

We at DLF believe that the younger generation is our future and has the potential to be change makers. It is this belief that fuels our mission of creating socially responsible individuals who are sensitized to human needs and understand the value of giving back to society. The outcome of this thinking was clearly visible in a class presentation on ‘Save Paper‘ by Delfites of Grade V E and V F.  The presentation ignited thought in everyone present that how in our own greed we human beings have forgotten the need of hour and waste so much paper thinking it is just a piece of paper. Who cares?  The presentation depicted how unknowingly even in school we waste paper without realizing that paper is also made from the pulp of the tree. We know that paper is very precious. Plenty of trees are being cut to make paper and yet we waste paper. Saving paper is not that difficult, we just need to be more mindful!
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