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December, 2017
DLFPS recognized as ‘Best School 2017’ at ‘Green Championship 2017’
December, 2017

Building Capacity : Kinolearn Facilitation Program for Teachers

Dec 9, 2017 : A hands on program called ‘Kinolearn‘ was organised for Pre-primary teachers of the schoolA�in association with T-PEP.The program was designed by the resource person Sonia Relia who has been working with pre-primary and primary a��specially linking Classes-A� 1 and 2 to pre- primaryA� for about 25 years.ItA�signify learning with change, a system that works with low budgets and large groups using simple activity kits and resources that are easily accessible to teachers.A�A�It aimed to facilitate teachers to design, create and conduct activities effectively in classrooms using easily available resources in school.A�The program integrates digital classrooms with hands- on learning using different and dynamic aspects of Activity Based and Interactive Group Learning. The focus was on optimizing the use of both hands on and technology enabled resources and helping the teachers become aware of the growing trends and resources in the environment.It was anA� activity based fun learning session.

Resource Person Sonia Relia Believes:

A�’Teachers can give this nation the citizens we want to see in the gen a��next if they are empowered and aware, given realistic targets, involved in the decision making , facilitated by managements supported by parents and most of all, respected as nation builders. Teachers have to be supported with opportunity to relearn, adequate infrastructure and manageable class strengths to optimize teaching-learning.’

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