Cultural Exchange Program with Italy of classes IX – IX
October, 2017
Atal Tinkering Session Session: Basic Electronics Assembly Kit (BEAK)
October, 2017

Atal Tinkering Session – Design thinking: Creativity at Work!

You can design the way you lead, manage, create and innovate. A session on Design Thinking was conducted for 60 Delfites of Class IX – XI. Students were introduced to the term by giving them a small design challenge. They were divided into teams for a 20 minutes challenge. After 20 mins each team presented their design. The design way of thinking can be applied to systems, procedures, protocols, and customer/user experiences. The purpose of design, ultimately, in my view, is to improve the quality of life for people and the planet.Design thinking offers a structured framework for understanding and pursuing innovation in ways that contribute to organic growth and add real value to your customers.The design thinking cycle involves observation to discover unmet needs within the context and constraints of a particular situation, framing the opportunity and scope of innovation, generating creative ideas, testing and refining solutions. It was a great learning experience for all the Delfites.

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