Don’t Let them be the Last! Show n Tell on Endangered Species, Grade III
August, 2017
Atal Tinkering Marathon: An Hour of Tinkering for Delfites of Grade VI to VIII
August, 2017

Atal tinkering Marathon: Science Month Activity, Down to Earth, Grade IV

A handful of dirt has enough science to fill a book! That’s what our grade IV scientist exactly did in their project ‘Down to Earth’. They searched for life in a bucket full of soil. Children were able to know about soil and its importance.​
Six classes of  grade IV participated in the activity and about 210 children were engaged in this activity. Each section prepared the exemplary project files giving detailed report on ​formation of soil, ​weathering, ​different types of soil and the crops grown in different soil, soil erosion and soil onservation. Class IV E bagged first prize followed by IV A. It was an enriching experience for everyone present.
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