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August, 2017
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August, 2017

Atal Tinkering Marathon: Community Empowerment, Delfites conducted Physics Workshop for Their Neighborhood School

At DLFPS we have always encouraged empowering for our Delfites and thus we create numerous opportunities for them. We have always believed in creating lifelong learners who not only learn themselves but also share their knowledge and learning with their peers in community and other neighborhood schools. Delfites Sunishi Sajwan,Ananya Jaria, Shantam Atrry and Kavya Arora of Grade X under the guidance of Ms. Suruchi Agarwal, Physics teacher conducted a workshop for 50 students of Grade X  at Nagar Nigam Balika Inter College, Ghaziabad. They showcased low cost activities on varied topics as Electrostats , Current,  Electricity , Electromagnetism,Force and Pressure. They received a very warm response from the children of the other school. The children actively participated in the activities and related to the concepts behind each of the exhibits . It was a day where not only the participating school but also the host school engaged in experiential learning!
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