Atal tinkering Marathon: Science Month Activity, Down to Earth, Grade IV
August, 2017
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August, 2017

Atal Tinkering Marathon: An Hour of Tinkering for Delfites of Grade VI to VIII

At DLF we aim is to kindle the innovative spirit in students by training them how to practically implement the theories and concepts to solve the challenges faced in day today life. BIBOX Labs was invited in the school to have an interactive One-hour Tinkering session with  540+ delfites this July. To tinker their ideas Mr. Mithun Mohan of BIBOX Labs conducted sessions for them on different concepts. 

  • Delfites of Grade VI were asked the questions about how a smart ac works according to them. Many gave interesting answers. Then they were asked whether a fan can be made smart in the same way. Children were introduced to the topic of automatic fan and were given basic challenge after introducing them to DC motor. They were given instructions on using bibox and Bisoft for the project and the mechanical kit for making the model. Students were divided into teams. All teams completed their projects and many teams tried new programs after completing the basic challenge.  In another session, The project ‘Bus honker’ was introduced which deals with the hearing aesthetics, and explains students about vibration, amplification, pitch and other aspects of acoustics. Later, children were asked to create different sound patterns using the beeper.
  • Delfites of Grade VII were given a challenge to address common daily life problems before them and come up with a most practical idea to avoid the situation. Practical life problem solving education for students is a stepping stone for their further learning. Through projects like Alert study pen students learnt how to master his or her environment and came up with most practicable technology solutions for solving the real life problems.
  • Machines affect our lives every day, and when students understand how they are built, they can apply that knowledge to improve or even create new machines. Project called ‘Lift mechanism’ taught students elementary knowledge about the working of simple machines which is a very essential life learning for them to survive in a world surrounded by machine. This engaging hands-on project introduced Delfites of Grade VIII to the basic principles behind gears, wheels, levers and pulleys, while laying the groundwork for further learning about science and engineering. Pulley mechanism was taught in detail.
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