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Established in 1996, DLF Public School is a 21st century school— with a soul! It is in fact known to be a trendsetter with numerous experiments in education to its credit. Today, there is a collective emphasis on creating a ‘thinking school’, on self-discovery, on inclusivity, on social responsibility, on making students accountable to their conscience and on creating global citizens.

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The school believes that tomorrow belongs to the thinkers, innovators and questioners. The school is working towards sustaining a thinking culture through conscious shift from making children study to letting children learn. In order to provide creativity oriented empowerment to our children we have taken multiple initiatives towards equipping our learners with higher order thinking skills and life skills right from class KG upwards with THOTS Lab. Student Led Conferences (SLC) are conducted by our students where the learners themselves demonstrate their learning through superior thinking. The transformation of our Classrooms to Thinkrooms with Thinklines have stimulated better Thinking & Learning.

During Science period, our school directs efforts towards promoting curiosity and thinking attitude in learners fanning their sense of wonderment. Learners are encouraged to indulge in out of the box ideation and brainstorming to think of solutions to the problem they face every day. The ‘Idea Day’ gives our learner an opportunity to ideate, create and sell a future that’s worth believing in! Six Months post ‘Idea Day’, our learners get an opportunity to showcase their creative and innovative mindset during ‘Innovation Day’. Projects like The Class Pass, Teachers Caravan, Do Not Disturb, Auto Serving Tray, Posture Correcting Chair are few of their acknowledged innovative ideas. This helps us to actualize our mission of creating ‘thinking individuals’.

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The AQAD (A Thinking Question a Day) program measures how well a child has understood the concepts in English, Science and Mathematics and Social Sciences. The research minded youth of the school explore experiment and engage in research based projects.

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Each of our numerous scientific researches & innovations over the last few years have been conceptualized to better the lives of people around us. Our culture of Research & innovations was acknowledged when all three of our Innovations were awarded at the Sir J.C.Bose. Innovative Display Contest last November in 2017. The Self-Sufficient Automated Hospital Bed which allows bedridden paralytic patients to excrete & be cleaned independently with a mere voice command or touch, received the first prize of Rs. 50,000/- in Senior category. The Community Underground Storage Project designed to address the farmer’s pain of grain & food spoilage due to poor storage won 3rd prize of Rs. 15,000/- in Senior category. The Smart Street Light Project that is a scientific innovation of automated street light and life rescue system based on IOT (Internet of things) was awarded Rs. 10,000/- in Junior category. Version 2.0 of the Automated Pendulum Pump has received the 3rd prize in Feb, 2018 at the INSPIRE AWARDS. This thoughtful invention would help people living in hilly areas and higher altitudes to carry water with minimal effort without the use of solar or mechanical energy.

Three of our projects ‘The Unique Hospital Bed’ for the bed ridden and the patients confined or struggling with life in ICUs and ICCUs’, ‘The Mechanical Pendulum’ to transport water in hilly areas with minimal effort and ‘Eco-Cool – Adiabatic Air Cooler- Cum- Air-Purifier’ have received many laurels in the coveted CSIR Innovation Award for School Children, IRIS, UNIC – NPSC collaboration and CBSE Nationals Science Exhibition.

The School is awarded its own research lab ‘Atal Tinkering Lab’, by Niti Aayog, Govt. of India, an incubation cell where our young learners can tinker with ideas. This is an affirmation of the culture of research and innovation that we have been able to sustain; an actualization of the environment of ‘Thinking critically and creatively’. The coveted ‘Atal Tinkering Lab’ and awards received are all outcomes of these efforts. The prime aim is to create thinking individuals to create a thinking school thereby creating a thinking society. The ideal teacher pupil ratio of 1:18 supports the school’s endeavor of personalizing learning.Each of the numerous scientific researches and innovations over the last few years have conceptualized to better the lives of people around us.


This school with a soul ensures a humanized school environment that is child-centered and aims to prepare caring, concerned citizens of the world, for the world! Every student’s birthday is celebrated with a ‘havan’ and a party … but not before thanking god and sharing gifts with the less privileged children nurtured under the School‘ Apney Foundation’. ‘Smileys’ are rewarded as positive reinforcement for desirable behavior like helping others, sharing, taking care of environment, working well as teams, showing emotional control and thinking of solutions to problems. There are ‘I Did My Best’ badges to inspire students to improve further. ‘Gold Awards’ are given to those who improve upon their best performance. And a ‘Goodwill Piggy Bank’ inculcates a culture of attitude of gratitude in children as they deposit acknowledgements for the peers! On the school’s heart-warming ‘Recognition Day’, every learner is awarded for an outstanding achievement… as we believe Each child is Unique!

The school has embedded ‘Student Social Responsibility’ in curriculum framework and measures success in terms of what students do out of their lives and in terms of their usefulness to others. The school drives each of its learners towards a higher and greater good: the public interest. Many opportunities are given to the learners so that they can exercise their power to bring change and better the world around them. They became agents of change in different capacities whether through transforming our adopted ‘Ekta Park’ from a garbage dumping space to the lungs of the neighbourhood, or bringing smiles and empowering our adopted 475 slum children in the vicinity, or by launching an application “Mission Talaash’ on Google Play Store for lost and found persons. A series of environment friendly projects such as  ‘The Air Pollution Monitor’ that monitors & report air pollution levels,Hindon Elevated Road Beautification  

Project and a creative installation under waste management initiative to beautify Ghaziabad City’s corridor in collaboration with GDA, all our SSR endeavours certainly lends themselves to service & charity. Under our community outreach programs we have adopted a govt. school ‘Prathmik Vidyalaya Baisakhiram’ located in Shaheed Nagar, Ghaziabad with 250 underprivileged children in vicinity. With these programs embedded within our life skills curriculum we have been able to sustain a humanized school culture for more than a decade.

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The school is the only leading school in the world with an innovative and sustainable school entrepreneurial venture as the ‘Money Plant’ which has won global recognition for two consecutive years: The enterprise, in its first year, received the Top Global Prize of $5000 by Teach a Man to Fish, UK. In its second year, the enterprise 2013-14 received the Best Business Development Prize of $2000. The school has been acknowledged internationally and nationally for its Academics, Sports and International programmes. The School is ranked Number 1 in Leadership and Management Quality and is ranked among the Top 2 Schools in the City in Education World School Rankings 2017-18, the World’s Largest Ever School Survey. ReThink India recently felicitated the School as the Futuristic School of India in due recognition of the commitment and proactive

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