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March, 2017

A Musical Saga Celebrates Every Unique Delfite at DLF Public School

A Musical Saga Celebrates Every Unique Delfite at DLF Public School

Recognition Day 2017 celebrated the uniqueness of every Delfite as also the belief that ‘Every child is a star and each deserves to twinkle’. This best practice of the school is an annual feature every March. The parents cherished the performance of 900 twinkling Delfites of Pre-primary to Class III, through their Musical Saga ‘From Human Beings to Being Human’- A fairytale of a girl who never stopped. The vivid performance left the audience spellbound as Delfites took them over fiery mountains and through dense forests to a serene magical lake showcasing a Journey of Determination. The thought provoking performance inspired everyone to Look Inwards to Grow Outwards. The tale concluded with a beautiful message: ‘The greatness of humanity is not in being born as a human being, but in Being Human.

While Executive Director, Dr. Mrignaini shared success stories of 2016-17, Mrs Seema Jerath, Principal, shared how parenting can be an opportunity for every parent to create legend out of their child. She stressed that each parent must watch their words and actions as they are under the CCTV surveillance of their children 24X7. Scholarships were given to each learner for their humane qualities, innovation and creativity by Chief Guests Swami Chidrupanandaji, Acharya Chinmaya Misssion, Noida  and Air Commodore N Kapoor VM, Air Commanding Officer, Air Force Station, Hindon, Chairman Dr. Rakesh Khullar, Director Dr. Mrignaini and Principal Ms. Seema Jerath.

Honourable guest Swami Chidrupanandaji congratulated parents on choosing the right institution for their children. He stated that each one of us is great leader and what we portray as a leader is followed by our children. A parent must practice five important elements in their behaviour: Demonstration, living the values, reading, listening more and not dreaming too big about their children.

Air Commodore N Kapoor VM reiterated through an incident of Swami Vivekananda at Chicago that ‘In India Each Mother and Family is a School’. He shared that his visit to DLF Public school would be the most memorable one as he concluded that he felt happy and lively watching performance of young children of a ‘School with a Soul’!

It was indeed a moment which enthralled the audience of 2500 over two days.

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