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​Visit To TERIGRAM, A Model of Sustainable Habitat!

If we trigger change in people’s life, we also make them capable of sustaining it” TERI
A Visit to TERIGRAM was organised for the students of Class X with the Russian Buddies who were here for an Exchange Program in Apr, 2017. Two teachers along with over 80 students from Classes X, science section visited Teri Gram – Retreat and we all had a wonderful time there.
TERI, The Energy Resources Institute is sufficient inspiration to believe that human beings have the power to change the world we live in. The students of grade X along with their Russian Buddies who were here for an Exchange Program visited the “The Energy and Research Institute” (TERI) village, located on Gwal pahari on Faridabad road. TERI as an initiative began in the year 1974 under the leadership of Mr. J.R.D. Tata. The whole initiative focused on the aspect of self-sustainable development.
The lush green complex of TERI village was a treat for the eyes. Students were given a brief introduction about the different spaces within the TERI village complex. They watched two videos related to the TERI village complex and the entire initiative of TERI. Through the videos it was shared how TERI has become a self-sustainable building. The movie also showed the condition of Gwal Pahari upto the 90’s and that it was a barren land. The whole initiative by TERI for sustainable development changed the entire terrain of this place. They shared about some aspects of their architectural design which has made the entire place eco-friendly and self-sustainable. The students were taken to different parts of the complex within the TERI village to have an exposure to and learn about the methods in which the TERI village is self-sustainable:-

o   Rooms in the retreat building

o   Retreat building and solar panels

o   Waste water treatment plant

o   Gasifier

o   Micro propogational technology park

o   TEAM Process- biomass from organic and manure waste

o   Vermi compost pit

The visit aimed at getting an insight into the various methods that can be used to Mitigate Climate Change using Non-Conventional Sources of Energy. The trip encouraged the students to focus their efforts in the direction of self- sustained development and its benefits. Overall it was a great learning experience for everyone. A great deal of thought and planning has gone into the construction of this complex at Gual Pahari. Overall it was a great experience for everyone.
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