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August, 2017
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August, 2017

​​Parents Involvement in Early Literacy- Workshop For Parents, Dr. Rajiv Nandy

Children have two main educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. Parents are the prime educators until the child attends nursery or starts school and remain a major influence on their children’s learning through school and beyond. The school and the parents all have crucial roles to play and the impact is greater if parents and schools work in partnership. DLF Public school has always believed in this synergy and that is why on August 19, 2017 the school organised a workshop “Why do some children learn better than their Peers?’ for the parents of Classes Pre-Nursery to III. The speaker for the day was Dr. Rajiv Nandy, Founder, Shristi Child Development & Learning Institute.
At the outset the kindergartners enthused everyone with their melodious songs and grade III Delfites left the audience mesmerized with their soul-touching performance ‘Save it to Cherish or Live it to Perish!‘ through which they exhorted everyone to live in harmony and save environment for future.
Dr. Nandy stressed that Parents play a vital role in shaping the personality of their children. It is very important for every parent to develop a long lasting emotional connect with their children during the first 8 years of their childhood and the best way to do so is bedtime stories. He also shared how this emotional connect lay down a foundation for a strong parent-child relationship. He discussed various strategies which a parent can adopt to help their children become better learners. He also answered numerous queries related to problems faced by working parents in handling their children.
Principal Seema Jerath said that we are living in challenging times and it is important for every parent to teach their children to “Adapt to the changing times‘. She also advised that each parent must ensure that their child gets enough Vitamin N (No) so that they become a robust resilient individuals. The key point she stressed was that the school and parents have a huge role to play to create Individuals who are not futile and fragile. We all need to make collaborative efforts so that our children get their regular doses of success and failure through trial and error!


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