“Where’s The Net”

Delfites’ ”Anti-Malaria Campaign – Where’s The Net” Gets into Action





A special assembly was organized by Delfites through which the entire campaign outline was shared with the DLPS family. The action begin by distribution of ‘Faith Tag’ to each section from class VI onwards. Delfites will be passing on their heart felt message towards this global concern – ‘Malaria’ by writing messages as a collective class activity on the ‘Faith Tag‘. This Tag will be pinned on the ‘Net’ that is coming to the school Today & will be hosted by the school from April 10 to April 13. This is a step further to our students’ commitment to malaria and multi-faith action!
Our Students have organized various activities to spread awareness about Causes, Prevention and Cure of Malaria as— Awareness Programme at a Govt. School, Peer Education, Special Assemblies, Writing Messages for the ‘Net’, Wall Magazine Competition on ‘Net’ – ‘The Powerful Saviour‘ and more.

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